Coin Master Free spins link

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Coin master free spins

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Important of coin master links:

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  2. Actually it help to get more spinning links and coins thorough spin slot machines
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What is a coin master?

Coin master is an entertainment online worldwide playing games with millions of users especially in the UK and USA. Actually it is a slot machine game.

When you click on the spin slot button. You can earn coins, spins, attacks, shields and raids. Some of the best features of the coin master game. 

Coin Master Spin slot machine:

  • Spin slot machine is the main place of a game where you spend maximum time while playing the game.
  • Above the spin slot button, you will see your available spin numbers.
  • Whenever you click on it will decrease one by one. When spins will finish you will have to wait for one hour to regenerate spins again.

Coin master attack- the hammer:

 By spinning the slot, get a hammer (attack) on the full row, it will take you to another player or friend’s village. 

You will see two options: friends or revenge. Whether you want to demolish this village or take revenge from someone or take revenge from friends.

Coin master Shield or The Defend:

Shield is actually used to protect villages from enemy attack. You have only three shields in game and these shields are helping to protect three attacks from attackers.

If an enemy attacks  on building these shields will protect and your village buildings will not demolish.

Coin master Raid:

Raid is like a pandit shape, wearing a mask like a pandit. If your 3 raid occurs in a row and 4th on the top of them. It will take them into a village.

You will see 3 golden cross signs where you will dig holes on this location and get coins from there. Some of them contain significant coins and one of them is empty. After getting coins you will get back into the game home interface.

Where to get more free spins coin master links?

One of the best ways to get coin master spins links to hourly get spins links thorough playing. The more you play the more you will get spins links. Every hour you will get 5 free spins links. By completing tasks you will get more free spins rewards by completing their requirement.

Get spins by inviting Facebook friends:-

You will get 40 free spins by inviting your each Facebook friend who plays the coin master game. It is necessary for getting free spins, your friends accept  your invitation and login with Facebook account and play this game.

Get spins by completing village:-

After  completion of the village you will get rewards. That rewards can be anything in the form of  coins, spins and pet cards. In the start you will get a few spins and few coins. You will get better rewards after completion of tricky tasks  and villages.