Coin master tricks that make you advanced level players

Coin master is an entertainment and nice game. But  most people don’t know how to play it properly. Today we are going to share some useful coin master tricks, tips and hacks. 

Which will help you to become a professional coin master advance player.

Coin master tricks and tips 2020

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As you know that coin master game totally depends upon spins, coins, cards, pets and chests. If you collect these things with a proper strategy you will be able to complete many village levels.

 I will share with you the best ways of coin master tricks to become professional coin master players.

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We will discuss the following tricks and tips here.

  • Tricks for cards
  • Tricks for spins
  • Chest trick
  • Two finger trick
  • Super betting trick

Let’s started it

Coin master Tricks for cards

As you know you can share limited coin master cards with your friend in a day. But today we are going to share amazing tips and tricks so you can share more than 5 cards with your Facebook friends in one day. 

  • First method:  You will have to change the date of your phone. You can share more cards within 24 hours after changing the date. You can change dates many times.
  • Second method: You will have to uninstall the game and then reinstall it again. After re-installation you will be able to send more 5 cards. 
  • You can use these 2 powerful tricks for sending cards. 

Coin master tricks for Spins:

Here we will share a few tricks for spins. You can read from here how to get coin master free spins. We have discussed this in detail.

Let started now

  • Connect your Facebook account with coin master game and get 50 spins.
  • Get 40 spins by inviting your friends on Facebook and get free spins from Facebook.
  • By watching company ads you will get rewards as free spins from coin masters.
  • By creating different fake Facebook by using temporary email and connect it with coin master and get rewards as spin.

Remember following tricks to buy chest:

You should have knowledge and remember the following trick to buy a chest. In every village there are different gold and rare cards. If you don’t get to the start of the village although it will be difficult to get to the next village levels. 

  • Coin master advanced players recommended spending 1.5 billions coins on the chest before 50 villages. It assures you will get the next more card on the next village level.
  • Check your last card in the chest and count the start. Buy a wooden card, if there are 1,2 stars, Buy gold cards if there are 3. Do this you will get more cards.if you spend millions of coins and still not getting new cards. Move to the next level.
  • When you reach a new level, build all the  objects in your village with 2 stars each. 

Two finger trick for getting more treasure in last hole of raid:

When you get three raids in the row, it will take down to the village and you will get 4 holes there. If you dig two holes and get coins from both of them.

Then there is an amazing trick to get more coins and treasure from the last (4 holes). With the help of a finger trick tab the both holes at the same time and hold it for a second.

You will get coins or a wooden box. Don’t do it slowly otherwise you will not get it. 

Pets in coin master:

In the coin master game you get only three pets who help you during the game. Each pet has its unique features. Pet leveled up by experience Points. 

Foxy, Tiger and Rhino are the three pets that help to collect more coins.

  • Foxy: After reaching level 4 it unlocked and it gives raid rewards.
  • Tiger: When you complete beast card collection it unlocked and it gives attack reward.
  • Rhino: After completion of creature card collection it unlocked and it helps to block attack.

Feed your pet and keep it active

Actually if you get a raid you can dig only three holes and find treasure from these holes. If you feed your pets you will get more power for 4 hours.

 You can dig the last 4th holes also as a prefect raid. You can get from here cards or coins. 

Never store your coins

I highly recommend you never store your  coins. As soon as you get the coins from spinning, raid and attack use them to build  your village buildings. 

 As you know that when someone gets access to your village thorough raids, Probably at once you will lose all your coins. So spend coins on your village as soon as  possible. 

Get cards from Facebook trading Group:

Honestly, you can get cards from Facebook trading groups. In Facebook you will find various trading groups, where you can exchange cards, and find cards according to your requirement. Where you get coin master spins on Facebook. 

Here I mentioned a few top facebook trading  groups.

Super betting Trick:

You can bet higher if you have more spins and coins. Once a super bet gets enabled never go under 5 spins. You can keep your super betting x5 as long as you want. 

Play in events:

Every day there are various events happening. If you participate in them you will get extra spins, coins, cards and you can feed your  pet and get  power from them.  

Conclusion and final words:

If you want further information you can read this post. Coin master tips that make a champion. You will like  it. Never trust a coin master tool generator, Most of them are not legal. Stay connected with us  for more coin master tricks, cheat and hack. 

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